Bottling Industry involves mainly bottling of carbonated soft drinks, fruit juices and mineral water etc. Water, sugar, fruit extracts and other flavours form the basic input material. Bottling Industry is a Seasonal Industry with April - June being the on-season & July - March being the off-season. The Salient features of the Bottling Industry are:

» The manufacturing process is governed by very high standards of quality & hygiene
» The packing, selling & distribution costs form major part of expenditure
» Input costs & output prices are determined by the market forces, consequently every company has to closely monitor &    control conversion costs within acceptable limits and process losses within the given norms for sustaining profitability

Keeping the above points in view, the “COST EXCEL For Bottling Industry” Software is developed incorporating sound Cost Accounting System with adequate flexibility to address the needs of different Business Models in vogue in the Bottling Industry. The Software Package picks up Financial & Operational Input Data in Excel Form and also got direct Input Fields covering Admin Module, Equipment History System, Vehicles Monitoring System, Stores System, Utilities, Operational Reports, Stock Statements, Cost Ledger, Cost Statement, MIS and generates the following reports:


» Equipment Performance
» Operational Performance
» Equipment History System
» Root Cause Analysis


» Stores Ledger
» Requisition Voucher
» Voucher (Capital Works)
» Cash Purchase Monitoring System
» Return Voucher (Revenue)
» Return Voucher (Capital)
» Scrap Generation Report
» Scrap Register
» Cost Centre-wise Consumption
» Equipment-wise Consumption
» Consumption Variance
» Turnover Ratios
» ABC Analysis
» XYZ Analysis


» Empty Bottle Yard Godown Report
» Washed Bottles Report
» Simple Syrup Preparation
» Ready Syrup Preparation
» Bottle Filling & Packing
» CSD Storage & Dispatch
» Fruit Pulp Storage Section

Cost Ledger:

» Cost Ledger
» Cost Analysis Report
» Primary Allocation Table
» Secondary Apportionment Table
» Cost Sheet Water
» Cost Sheet Softened Water
» Cost Sheet RO Water
» Cost Sheet Boiler
» Cost Sheet Power
» Cost Sheet Ammonia Compressors
» Cost Sheet Air Compressors
» Cost Sheet ETP
» Cost Sheet CIP
» Cost Sheet Air Handling
» Cost Sheet Empty Bottle Yard
» Empty Bottle Yard Conv. Cost Allocation
» Cost Sheet Syrup Preparation
» Raw Syrup Batch-wise Cost Analysis
» Cost Sheet Ready Syrup Preparation
» Ready Syrup Batch-wise Cost Analysis
» Cost Sheet Pulp Storage Section
» Cost Sheet Bottle Filling
» Bottle Filling Batch-wise Cost Analysis
» Summary Cost Sheet Product-wise
» Cost Sheet Trading
» Profit Reconciliation Statement

Vehicles Monitoring:

» Own Vehicle Monitoring System
» Own Vehicle Expenditure Analysis
» Hired Vehicle Monitoring System
» Hired Vehicle Expenditure Analysis
» Heavy Vehicle Monitoring System
» Heavy Vehicle Expenditure Analysis
» Hired Heavy Vehicle Monitoring System
» Hired Heavy Vehicle Expenditure Analysis


» Contract Payment Analysis Report
» Employees Master Report
» Employees Transfer Details
» HR Deployment at Factory
» Contract Labour Allotment
» Civil Wages Allocation
» Contract Wages Allotment
» OT Hours Allocation Register
» Over Time Analysis


» Empty Bottle Yard Godown
» Washed Bottles
» Mango Pulp Storage Section
» Simple Syrup Preparation
» Ready Syrup Summary
» Bottle Filling & Packing Summary
» Packing & Dispatch
» CO2 Storage Tanks
» Fuel Oil Storage Tanks
» Sugar Godown


» Daily Report – Power
» Daily Report – Water
» Daily Report – Softened Water
» Daily Report – RO Water
» Daily Report – Compressed Air
» ETP & CIP Reports
» Monthly Steam Register
» Monthly Power Register
» Monthly Water Register
» Monthly Softened Water Register
» Monthly RO Water Register


» Plant – Day Performance
» Section-wise Power Efficiency
» Section-wise Stores & Spares Cons.
» Cost Information Report – Utilities
» Factory Overheads Analysis
» Administration Overheads Analysis
» Selling & Dist. Overheads Analysis
» Ratio Analysis – A
» Ratio Analysis – B
» Ratio Analysis – C
» Profitability Analysis Statement
» Sales Executive Performance Evaluation
» Product Contribution Analysis – Depot
» Contribution Analysis – Area-wise
» Contribution Analysis – Sales Executive

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